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About Türkçe
TEKNIK ALET SANAYI VE TICARET AS was founded in 1990. Since the beginning, the primary activity has been import of hardware and hand tools.

The aim has been to serve major corporations and companies in the Construction and Manufacturing industry with the specialized knowledge of its experienced team of professionals.

TEKNIK ALET believes in the importance of customer satisfaction and adopts a customer relationship management perspective in all its areas of operation. Moreover, the company specializes in pre-sales and after-sales services for all of its products.

TEKNIK ALET, by constantly exploring and introducing new products and by developing and implementing novel services, aims to be the leader in the local hardware market. While doing this, TEKNIK ALET also tries to set an example to the community by upholding highest ethical standards and by respecting its duties to the community.

The need for specialization has led to the formation of industry specific divisions: Fixing Equipments, Painting Systems and General Hardware. Specialization enhances our ability to constantly expand our services and improve customer satisfaction.

Currently TEKNIK ALET distributes Red Hit, …..products in Turkey. TEKNIK ALET also sells and supports Britool.

With our experience of over 20 years, we offer international brands the opportunity to penetrate the Turkish market and the markets at neighboring countries without investment.

Through our customer database of more than 6000 stores which include supermarket chains, DIY markets, and Internet shopping sites, we are able to contact a wide range of customers with new products very rapidly.

In order to take place in the integrated world markets and to sustain our quality policy internationally, we also participate strongly in international trade, and in this context we maintain our constant endeavor to procure all authorization and proficiency provisions. We take place in international projects, particularly in Europe and Middle East, and supply export registered hardware materials for these projects.

Teknik Alet, which is respected in the Hardware sector as a most trustworthy company, will continue in the future with its unswerving policies of perfect customer satisfaction, Professional Technical Help, and reliable service.

We obtain our products from suppliers in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East and we serve customers from neighboring countries, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

In conjunction with our vision of development and growth and in order to perform our mission and to provide our customers with the best possible service we have moved our headquarters to Karaköy and expanded our warehouses to 4000 squared meters. Our new investments in B2B technological infrastructure will be completed by the end of 2008.